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I totally get it...

Makeup can be overwhelming.

Your favorite Youtube star said to never use black eyeliner, but the Tik Tok video you watched last night said black eyeliner is a must have to make your eyes pop.

You love browsing stores like Ulta and Sephora, but you're always wondering if the staff is just trying to make a sale and sell you the most expensive products.

And just forget about shopping online and trying to figure it out yourself! There's so many options, and the colors online always look different in person. You've tried to shade match yourself, but you have no idea if you're a warm or a cool- and what the heck is a neutral?

Have you struggled piecing together info from beauty blogs and videos for your specific skin and features? No two people are exactly alike, so why does the online beauty community push us to all follow the exact same trends and techniques? 

This is where I come in! Just call me your beauty BFF.

Over the past 10 years I have had the pleasure to glam those of all ages, skin types, and ethnicities.

In my 2 hour makeup lesson, we will sit down face to face and I will guide you through a curated beauty routine for your specific features, skin and makeup style. Whether you're looking for a polished every day face to wear to work or a full glam look for all of life's special occasions- I am spilling all of my professional tips and tricks to make your makeup look professionally applied and last all day! You will leave feeling confident and empowered to do your own makeup- just like a pro!




Step 1: Inquiry

Fill out my makeup lesson inquiry form here. You will receive a response within 48 hours to get your makeup lesson scheduled!

Step 2: Questionnaire

Once you are scheduled, I will send over my Makeup Lesson Questionnaire. This will provide me more details about your current makeup routine so that I can begin curating your custom makeup lesson.

Step 3: Lesson Day!

The day is here! I ask that you bring your current makeup collection with you to your lesson appointment. We will utilize your products you already own and love. Don't worry if you don't own a certain product, we will supplement with products from my professional kit! 

I'll have refreshments for you in the studio to enjoy during your lesson! Yes, even champagne!



Step 4: Your Makeup Lesson Guide

Within 72 hours of your makeup lesson, your custom makeup lesson guide will be delivered right to your inbox.

Inside will be step by step instructions of everything we covered in your lesson that you can refer back to at anytime. It will also include a full product reccomendation guide complete with links of where to purchase for the best price.





Makeup Lesson- $300

Group Makeup Lesson- $250 (Requires a group of 3 or more)

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