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Airbrush vs. Traditional Makeup: What Is The Difference?

"Airbrush" is definitely a buzz word in the makeup world. When we think of the word airbrush, we tend to think of flawless and perfect. But to put it lightly, airbrush makeup does not mean that you will look “photoshopped” or “filtered.” Airbrushing is simply just another way to apply makeup.

Below I am breaking down some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Airbrush vs. Traditional makeup applications.

Traditional Makeup Application On My Client (And sharing a few laughs during the process!)

How Is It Applied?

Airbrush makeup is applied using an airbrush gun and compressor. The product is sprayed on the skin as a fine mist and coverage can be built up to a medium coverage by spraying additional layers.

Traditional makeup is applied with a sponge or brush, and the coverage can range from sheer to full depending on the products and techniques used.

Is Airbrush or Traditional Makeup Best For My Skin Type?

Airbrush makeup has a stellar reputation for being very lightweight on the skin. This is great for those who may not be used to wearing makeup on a regular basis. Airbrush makeup is not recommended for those opting for a full coverage makeup application to hide blemishes or imperfections. Additionally, airbrush makeup does not tend to work on clients with more textured or dry skin, or on those with “peach fuzz.” The fine mist of airbrush makeup can tend to cling to these spots and accentuate them more.

Traditional makeup comes a larger variety of formulas, and there are many brands of traditional makeup that offer lightweight formulas while still offering high-performance and coverage. Traditional makeup is also more versatile and can be adapted to all skin textures and conditions.

What Is The Cost Difference?

Cost will depend on each individual artist, but typically airbrush makeup applications are more expensive than traditional.

Which Will Last Longer?

Both airbrush and traditional makeup have beautiful results and can last the entirety of the day. Airbrush makeup is often considered to be more long lasting than traditional makeup. This boils down to the skill set of the individual makeup artist. When used with the proper priming and setting products, traditional makeup should last just as well as airbrush makeup.

Which Method Photographs Best?

If applied correctly, both makeup applications will provide great results and look stunning in photos.

My Personal Take:

I personally prefer traditional makeup, as I am able more customize the application for each’s client’s specific skin type. Makeup artistry is definitely a science, and it is all about knowing what products and cosmetic ingredients work well together to give my clients a beautiful look that lasts.

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Nina Bashaw
Nina Bashaw
Oct 30, 2019

I've never had airbrush makeup done on me but I've always wanted too. Next time I need a makeup artist I'm calling you!


Christie Cino Adams
Christie Cino Adams
Oct 29, 2019

I love your blog posts because I learn so much about make up!! I wish I were closer to get to use you!!

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