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The Best Amazon Beauty Buys (All Under $35)

If you're anything like me, you have a slight obsession with Amazon Prime. I probably place an Amazon order at least twice a week. While most of my purchases are household items like vitamins or dog toys, I do really enjoy browsing to see what new thing frivolous thing I "need."

Because let's face it, there's something slightly therapeutic about buying things you don't really need. In this post I've wrapped up my favorite Amazon beauty buys that are all under $35. Most are under $25. These are my tried and true items I will never be without.

Two of my favorite things in life are alcohol and salty food. I will never turn down a margarita or French fries.

Everyone knows that alcohol and sodium bloat you, that’s no surprise. But what some don’t know is that there is a great "quick fix" called ice rolling. Ice rollers are basically just facial massagers that have been chilled, and you literally roll it on your face. Pretty straight forward. Some of the benefits of ice rolling include depuffing and soothing inflammation. Others even say it helps minimize the appearance of pores. Personally, I love the quick “wake up effect” it gives in the mornings. I also really do feel like my face looks more “chiseled” on days that I do use it. Maybe it's just a placebo effect, but I'll believe in anything that makes me think my jawline looks sharper.

I just store it in the freezer at night and roll my face first thing in the morning.

2.) Rotating Bathroom Organizer One of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram is Things I Bought And Liked (often referred to as TIBAL) If you don’t know who she is, I’ll link her page here. But I’ll warn you, if you follow her you will end up like me and buy tons of things you don’t need. This bathroom organizer was a TIBAL find.

My fiancé Joe doesn’t complain about much, but he hates the amount of bottles and jars I have on the bathroom counter. As much as I tried to be one of the people who puts things away under the counter when I’m done- it just wasn’t practical for me.

This rotating organizer allows me to keep all of my serums, dry shampoos and other random beauty potions within quick reach while freeing up valuable counter space. It's a win-win for both of us.

I will start with the disclaimer that as a licensed esthetician, I fully understand the risks of sunbathing and the effects it has on your skin. I highly recommend consulting with your primary care doctor and/or dermatologist to see what’s right for you in the terms of sun exposure.

Personally, I enjoy laying in the sun. I never have and never will use a tanning bed, but there is something so therapeutic about laying out with a huge glass of ice water, some good music and soaking up some Vitamin D. I love having a little color in the summer but I don’t like risking my skin by laying out for hours and hours to develop a tan.

I layer this product over top of my sunscreen when laying outside. It is not a bronzer or self tanner so you don’t have to worry about streaks or patchiness. This product speeds up the development of a natural tan, allowing you to develop a deeper color much faster. It really does give me the best brown tan in a short amount of time. It has a realistic chocolate scent that I actually enjoy. I have tried other browning lotions (such as Maui Babe) but this one is by far my favorite.

You can also find this in stores like Ulta but it is currently on sale here.

This serum has over 14,000 5 star reviews on Amazon. It’s quite spectacular.

To give you the skinny on hyaluronic acid, HA is a molecule naturally found in our body that can hold 1000x it’s weight in water. HA helps with keeping moisture on the surface of the skin, in turn giving the skin a plump and healthy look. It is amazing for those with dry, flaky or sensitive skin.

I specifically love this serum because it is pure hyaluronic acid. The formula is lightweight, non greasy and absorbs instantly into the skin. I use this head to toe because it’s so cheap. I love using it not only as a facial serum, but also a lip serum and body serum. I love applying it to my legs after shaving.

This is seriously a miracle product in my beauty routine and I will never be without it. 5.) Satin Pillowcase Set I have been using satin pillowcases since high school and I always will. Satin pillowcases help with less frizzy hair, softer skin and protecting your eyelashes (great for those with lash extensions.) Satin is smoother and less harsh than cotton, therefore it allows our skin and hair to glide across as we move throughout the night. They are also great for the summer months since they feel really cool on the skin and don't get "hot" like cotton.

These come in a pack of two for less than $10 and have tons of colors to pick from.

They are also great for the summer months since they feel really cool on the skin and don’t get “hot” like cotton.

I have tried many dupes for the original Beauty Blender makeup sponge and these are the best I’ve found. Honestly I like them better than the name brand Beauty Blender.

The original Beauty Blender retails for $20 for 1 sponge. With this dupe you get five sponges for less than $10. They are just as soft and do an excellent job at blending liquid and cream makeup. I love using these to apply my foundation and concealer.

Due to bacteria, you want to replace your sponge pretty often (I usually recommend every 2-4 weeks) so for less than $2 per sponge, this isn’t as heartbreaking to throw away as the original.

I saw this on Instagram last summer and was so intrigued I instantly bought one on Amazon. Purchasing this case has made organizing my personal makeup a breeze. No more digging through a bag or drawer to find what I’m looking for. You can adjust the dividers to customize the size of each compartment so that they perfectly fit your powders, palettes and more. The top has slots that can be used to store brushes or slimmer items like eyeliners and mascaras. I especially love this for traveling. It carries just like a lunch box, and when I get to my location I just unzip and everything is right there. This is usually $29.99 and is on sale currently for under $20. I also have two of the extra large sizes that I use to store my pro kit and I love them. I’ll link those here.

I went through a phase a few months ago where I was determined to start doing my own nails.

I texted my nail technician in Charlotte who also happens to be a great friend of mine, and she recommended I purchase this specific light and try it myself.

That phase was very short lived when I realized I don't have the patience to do my own nails consistently and would rather just pay someone to do it. But now that we are all cooped up in the house due to COVID-19, I'm so glad I bought this light a few months ago. I've actually been doing my own nails since the lock down started and I definitely am getting better at it.

Will I be adding professional manicures to my service menu? Absolutely not. But this makes do for a quick gel mani at home while the world is currently "closed."

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you have an Amazon beauty find that you consider a must-have? Let me know, I'd love to try it!

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