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Why to Hire a Professional Makeup Artist For Your Wedding Day - Columbia, SC Makeup Artist

Ahh, wedding planning. You’ve probably already booked your venue, photographer, catering and found your dream dress. Now it’s getting down to the wire, the budget may be getting slim, and you’re debating on whether to have professional makeup done. If you’re on the fence about hiring a makeup artist, this blog post is for you. I’m here to tell you that you absolutely, 100% should have professional makeup done for your wedding day and here are my top reasons why.

Photo: Michelle Huffman

1.) Stress Free Experience

It’s your special day and you should be able to enjoy every second of it. Your wedding day is guaranteed to be busy and more than likely will have a few unexpected hiccups. Your makeup should not be one of them. You shouldn’t have to sit and worry about making sure that you are doing your winged eyeliner evenly.

If you’re thinking about doing your own makeup, just remember that makeup you would wear to work or a night out on the town with your girls is much different than makeup you would wear on your wedding day. There are certain products, finishes and even colors you want to stay away from to make sure your makeup not only looks great in person, but photographs well all throughout the day.

A professional artist will show up and get the job done, stress free. Does anything sound better than sitting back and enjoying a mimosa while having your makeup professionally done? Didn’t think so.

2.) Cleanliness

This is very important and often overlooked. Eye infection on your honeymoon? No thank you.

Makeup artistry isn’t just about making others look pretty. It also requires a lot of knowledge about infection and disease control. There are proper steps that must be taken to prevent cross contamination and properly disinfecting makeup in between clients. A true, professional makeup artist will take every precaution to make sure you are receiving a clean and safe makeup application.

Did you know that if a lip gloss is used directly on someone’s lips and the wand goes back into the tube, the entire lip gloss is now considered contaminated and can be not be used on anyone else? Gross.

I have an extensive routine and practices that I follow to ensure that my kit is clean and safe at all time. With a professional makeup artist, you will never have to worry about dirty brushes, double dipping or cross contamination.

3.) Expertise and Knowledge

Yes, your co-worker Brittany may be a makeup guru and is always contoured to perfection. Your cousin can definitely do a perfect smoky eye on herself, and even offered to do your wedding makeup as a gift. But just because they are makeup enthusiasts, does that make them true professional artists?

Applying makeup to yourself vs. applying makeup on others is a very different ballgame. A true makeup artist will know how to work with all complexions, eye shapes, skin conditions and facial features. Your wedding day is not a time for experimentation or testing new looks. A professional has an arsenal of tried and true looks that withstand the test of time and look great on brides. We will make sure to have you looking your very best in an efficient amount of time. I teach all of my brides how to cry safely (yes, that is a thing) and I use products that guarantee that their makeup will last well into the evening.

While it may seem like a great idea to save money by having your friend or family member do your makeup- it can quickly turn into a stressful and chaotic situation for you both. Truth is, unless they have a kit full of uncontaminated, photo-friendly professional products- you will likely be spending hundreds purchasing products that will you wear for one day. When choosing an amateur or friend, you are almost guaranteed to run behind on your wedding day schedule or not get the look you were hoping for.

Let your friends and relatives enjoy the festivities and leave the work to the pros.

4.) Beautiful Photos with Your Favorite People

If you have a squad of besties or bridesmaids, this one is for you.

Think about the last wedding or event you went to that didn’t have a clear dress code. You probably saw a varying amount of different looks, correct? My boyfriend and I attended a very upscale black tie optional wedding last year. The majority of guests including us came in black tie. But there was still a number of guests who took the “optional” as “casual”- including one in a floral sundress and flip flops. The horror.

Don’t let this be your bridesmaids. As pros- our strategy is to ensure fluidity in your bridal party. We work endlessly to create beautiful looks that compliment each bridesmaid’s unique features- while still achieving an overall cohesive look that photographs well.

You can almost always tell in professional photos which bridesmaids opted out of professional makeup. If cost is a factor, let me know in your inquiry. After six years in the business, I have tons of suggestions of how to work professional makeup for your bridal party into your budget.

5.) You Deserve It

Okay, I definitely stole L'Oreal's slogan here, but it is so true. You are worth it. You deserve to look your very best for what many consider to be the most important day of your life. You don’t want to look back at your wedding photos and hate your makeup. You aren’t just investing in a makeup artist and their skills. You are ensuring a beautiful look, saved time, flawless photos, reduced stress and an extra piece of mind on your wedding day.

Don’t you consider that priceless?

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Christie Cino Adams
Christie Cino Adams

A professional like you is worth every single penny!!!


Christie Cino Adams
Christie Cino Adams

There are all great reasons- I would hire you in a heartbeat! Wish I were closer!!


Nina Bashaw
Nina Bashaw

These are all great points and some of them I have never thought of. Such great and helpful information for your brides!!

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